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Drew Casson

Drew Casson

Location: UK

Inspired by films such as Pulp Fiction, Fight Club, American History X and Saving Private Ryan

Drew Casson is a sixteen year old boy who is an outstanding effects wizard / actor / filmmaker. His skills are already hitting the radar of his much older and professional counterparts who have been in the game for years.

After the success of my first Harry Potter video in the summer of 2009 I thought it was time to take things up a notch. VT:Veneficus Terminus is the result of 2 weeks prepping, 5 weeks shooting and 7 months of editing. The video is a Harry Potter inspired battle scene between 4 death eaters and 3 aurors. I made this video to show off my ability as a visual effects artist, as well as adding in elements of film-making. Overall I think the video was a massive achievement, for both me personally and the all the guys involved. The reception has been fantastic and many more people are becoming aware of what can be achieved with no money and a home computer.

Starring: Drew Casson, Ollie Richens, Calum Radmore, Danny Lee, Dan Richens, Ash Marshall, Sam Marshall, Jesse Sanchez and James Tucker

‘H1N1’ is a zombie short film shot on the budget of nothing over the course of two days. After having several requests on YouTube for a ‘zombie flick’ me and my boys decided it was time to do something we had been waiting to do for years...have 10 minutes of pure zombie awesomeness! And this is the result. Remember we had no script, so please excuse the rather bad language.

Starring: Drew Casson, Ollie Richens, Calum Radmore, Danny Lee, Dan Richens, Ash Marshall, Sam Marshall, Jesse Sanchez and James Tucker

After spending most of the summer of 2010 in bed watching horror movies, I thought it was time for me to go out and shoot my own horror scene. After studying ‘The Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ I believed it would be relatively easy to achieve the same tone and feel as that movie does. ‘What Happens In Texas’ is the result of 2 hours shooting and 3 hours editing. I attempted to recreate the same look, feel and overall style that TTCM had. Honestly, I think I did a pretty good job!

Starring: Drew Casson and James Tucker

After watching ‘Pulp Fiction’ me and my cousin though it would be cool if we had a go at recreating the same chemistry and humour seen in the first scene of the movie. However, we wanted to add a little British flare to it! This video took only about half an hour to film and a few hours to whack together. A short, sweet creative piece displaying mine and my cousins ability to improvise.

Starring: Drew Casson, Tom Scarlett and Jevon Smith

Ash Marshall - Ash is bloody fantastic! I’ve asked him to do so much and I never hear a complaint. One thing I love to let ash do is to improvise or just go with the flow whenever we are filming. His apperation sequence for example was a mix of both mine and his ideas.

Calum Radmore - Calum is always the guy who lightens up the atmosphere when we are shooting. He never really takes anything seriously but somehow is still able to give me exactly what I want. On the outside he looks like a death eater, but on the inside he is just a big teddy bear! We all love your company dude!

Dan Richens - Dan is one of those people who I insist on having with us whenever we are filming. He is able to come up with some absolutely insane ideas and always gives me what I want and more. One of my favourite visual effects sots I have done was due to this man. I thank you Dan.

Danny Lee - Dano the mano is one of the coolest people on the planet. Fact. When this guy gets in front of the camera you know shit is about to go down. It was a pleasure working with him in H1N1 and look forward to more in the following months.

James Tucker (Greg) - James or ‘Greg’ is bloody awesome. This guy is for doing anything as long as it looks good for the camera...and I respect that. James played the crazy chainsaw man in ‘What Happens In Texas’ which I think he gave a truly sterling performance!

Jesse Sanchez - Admittedly Jesse does take a lot of shit from us due to being the youngest. However, when Jesse is focused he is absolutely quality! Some of my favourite shots I have ever achieved have been due to this guy.

Jev - Out of all the people I work with Jev is by far the most in tune with my ideas and thoughts. Whenever I describe to him what I want he knows exactly what I mean and is always able to deliver. Whether it be camera man, acting or stunts, Jev is always game.

Josh Taylor - Although Josh has not yet been seen in any of my videos, this guy is about 45% of my inspiration. His jokes, humour and ideas all pour into my work and I cant wait for his debut in one of my next videos!

Ollie Richens - Ollie has always been and always be my main man. Ever since I picked up a video camera he has been there. He is one of the funniest people on the planet and is a joy to work with. I value all his opinions and thoughts and often go to him for creative influence and inspiration. Love you man!

Sam Marshall - Although Sam may not get all the cool roles like his brother, he is still a valuable member of my group. Sam is always willing to help out, whether it be being a zombie that gets stabbed in a bath tub, to running to the shop to buy fake blood. We all love Sam.

Sam Carter - Samuel Carter is one of those people that is very hard to find. Whenever we are shooting Sam is able to take a step back and make sure that I am getting what I desire and need. Sam is the backbone when it comes to doing stunts and fight scenes. He is an absolute pleasure to work with and I thank god he is willing to do the crazy shit I ask him to do.

Tom Scarlett - He is my brother from another mother. This geezer has one of the greatest minds when it comes to script writing and storytelling. Also when it comes to stunts and action this guy knows exactly what he’s doing! And more importantly he knows exactly what I want. Always a huge pleasure working with him.

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